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Student-Run Free Clinic: Dentistry

Clinic Building

Student leaders of Bridge of Disciplines began a collaboration with University of Michigan (UM) medical students to establish a combined medical-dental interprofessional service at the UM Student-Run Free Clinic in Pinckney, MI in 2016. This project has been awarded the University of Michigan Bicentennial Student-Initiative Grant Award. This financial support and public recognition have immensely helped us to propel our mission forward.

Since the inception of this project, the student teams have experienced a unique opportunity to serve uninsured members of our community in a mutidisciplinary domain with increasingly effective model of care.

Dental student volunteers at the Pinckney clinic provide personalized dental consultations based off of the patient's health history and physical exam. This allows the student to apply what they have learned in class in a clinical setting. Furthermore, dental students team up with medical and nurse practitioner students to see the patient at the same time, thereby fostering a unique interprofessional collaborative opportunity in the form of transdisciplinary patient care teams.

As a result, our patients enjoy more convenient, accessible, and comprehensive care from our collaborative effort. We continue to expand and improve our endeavors at the clinic, and we are excited to be part of this uniquely educational process! Volunteer to experience this for yourself!

Status: Complete - Sustainable
Kristen Lehner                  
Sumer Panesar
Shernel Thomas
Sophie Moon
Status: Complete - Sustainable

In March 2018, our directors had the opportunity to attend the Society of Student Run Free Clinics Conference at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

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