Medicinal Appreciation

Clinic Building

This project stems from an approach to give an increased ability of understanding and use of medications to those with cognitive or physical disabilities. Medications can be one of the most frustrating activities about everyday life for those for whom they are prescribed. My past experience with people/patients with developmental disabilities in particular has set the precedence of this project and the information that it could reveal.

The idea/prototype was to make a card based system that lists medications, allergies, or diagnosis/medications that can be carried on a key ring and lanyard. The implication would be for easy access for people/patients to remember and understand their medications. Through research, many barriers were found including time management, coordination of meetings, and technology. However, there showed a need for something further. Future development would be to create cards for offices and an application that can be utilized by any population.

Dale Flanagin II

Keeping Medications 

in Check

for Those Most in Need