Advocating Oral Health for

the International Community in Washtenaw Co.

Jennifer Hsu
Shirley Ye
Arthur Ho

U.S. immigrants are one of many at-risk populations for oral health diseases such as dental caries and periodontal diseases. Often times, discrepancies regarding healthcare expectations, self-perceived illness, as well as basic communication and understanding create a gap between the immigrants and the U.S. model of healthcare. HelloDENT is a student-directed project aiming to increase oral health awareness in the immigrant population of Washtenaw County. University of Michigan dental students will partner and collaborate with Dr. Lee’s HelloMed Medical Walk-in Clinic located in Ann Arbor to promote dental education and oral health awareness within the community.


By holding various seminars at the clinic, HelloDENT students aspire to increase the accessibility of dental services, provide translated oral health resources, and convey the importance of oral health to one’s overall well-being. The topics of the sessions will primarily be on the healthcare needs specific to our target population. We hope to make the transition of settling into a new country smoother for the immigrants and bridge the intercultural gap.

Status: Complete - Sustainable