Dental Day at

Comprehensive Speech and Therapy Center

The Comprehensive Speech & Therapy Center (CSTC) is a therapy clinic that provides comprehensive rehabilitation to children suffering from developmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder, with most notable implications in speech, language and/or behavioral symptoms. A lot of such children and families not only lack access to quality dental care, but also simply lack information about how they should go about seeking adequate care that they deserve.  

The aim of the day is to increase client comfort with going to the dentist, providing a positive experience with the equipment and dental masks etc. and to increase parent education and oral hygiene. The pilot event was held in November of 2016, and was highly successful. We now plan to host a Dental Day on a 4 month rotation, and hope to further expand it to members of the Jackson, MI community. It is an exciting opportunity for dental students to make a difference in the Michigan community, therefore we hope to continue it in future semesters.

Janice Burnett