Wolverine Oral Health Leaders: Pre-Dent Edition

The goal of this project is to educate pre-dental students about important topics pertaining to oral health: Intra-oral and Dental Anatomy, Caries, Periodontal Health, Nutrition, Halitosis, Oral Cancer, via online modules accessible through Canvas, the University of Michigan learning management. At the end of each module the students will be asked to complete a short quiz that will focus on assessing their knowledge of the content present in the modules.


The goal of this project is to provide pre-dental students the oral health education knowledge to give them the skills necessary to be able to participate in oral health educational volunteer experiences. This, in turn, may provide them with the opportunity to engage more meaningfully in volunteer activities that can enhance their knowledge of the profession as well as their resumes.


As a part of participating in this course, the students will be given a pre-test survey before taking the course to gauge their academic demographic information, and oral health background experience, knowledge, confidence. They will then be given a post-test survey after completing the course to assess the effect of the course on their knowledge and confidence related to oral health education as well as asking feedback on the course itself.

Status: Complete - Sustainable
Alex Bageris